Bars & Resturants

Multiple Dwelling Units

Our residential solutions provide home owners with the convenience to control all home subsystems. A Digital Homes automation system brings a new level of effortless entertainment, peace of mind, and convenience to you and your family. Imagine getting home to your favorite music playing, your climate set at the perfect temperature, and lights at just the right brightness.

Digital Homes designs, installs, and supports an array of products and services for the hospitality market. We are a DirecTV MSO capable of installing digital headends for free to guest television and Internet access.  Combined with our suite of automation solutions, you can manage the lighting, climate, audio, pool, and much more all with an iPad or iPhone.

Digital Homes gives you simple, convenient control over the lighting, climate, and televisions in your restaurant or bar. Don’t make your waiters climb on chairs or juggle remotes to get the right game on the right screen. Digital Homes puts you back in control of all your business systems. Now you can monitor and control security, temperature, lighting, cameras, door locks, media, audio visual and more all on your smart phone or lap top, from anywhere in the world.

Condominium owners can benefit from a centralized video and Internet access system installed by Digital Homes. Digital Homes bundles DirecTV with high speed Internet access providing lower costs to unit owners. Our in-house concierge service provides tenants with courteous and quick response times for service.